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A Taste Of Normandy - a perfect weekend break

Couple cycling

Our last tour tour of the year proved an intimate little affair where our two cycling couples shared a beautiful little cottage in the Normandy countryside in a very French hamlet called Dangy. Coming in on the 'red-eye' ferry at the relatively early hour of 6.15 am they were met by our intrepid guide at the port of Ouistreham. Having been relieved of their luggage they set out, bright and breezy to their accommodation some 60 miles away. Our couples having more than a passing interest in 20th century history wanted to stop at some of the WWll sites 'en route'. They were dutifully taken by their guide to the D-Day beaches via an early morning stop at Pegasus Bridge - the place that saw the first action of the Normandy landing. A leisurely pace took them on through Sword, Juno, Gold beaches and finally to Arromanches-les-Bains where they turned inland for a coffee stop in the ancient medieval city of Bayeaux. Another couple of hours in the saddle and the group neared their destination after lunch in the City of Ruins - St. Lo.

Arriving at their weekend in Dangy at a respectable mid- afternoon it was time to relax on the patio and take in the remains of the late summer day (it was mid-September).

Happy cyclist

Refreshments were provided by their host and after an hour or so the party fell prey to lightly chilled Chablis and the sun and retired to their quarters for 40 winks before dinner. A dinner comprising local produce was eagerly consumed and the day was done. The next

day the guide was replaced by a Garmin and the party made the beautiful jaunt to Agon-Coutainville via Regneville where a lunch of moules frites awaited them. An each way cycle of 25 miles was eaten up by the party who made it back to Dangy in very good time for après cycle cocktails in the last of the days sun as the evenings BBQ was prepared.

Sunday's breakfast was provided courtesy of the local boulangerie and a depleted party - two decided to stay at home and put their feet up - forged on to Port-en-Bessin via Omaha Beach to take in the sights, sounds and smells of a beautifully warm and sun lit day. Once again the 25 miles each way proved easy cycling for our party of 2 and they made it back in good time for cocktail hour and the now famous gourmet evening at the home of a nearby local chef.

In the morning the party bid a fond farewell to their home-from-home to hit the road and easy ride back to the ferry after a final 'mussel' bound lunch in Ouistreham. Aided and abetted by some every fine weather this turned out to be a memorable end to our spring/summer cycling season. Parfait !

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