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The time is almost upon us when we hit the French roads for the first time this year as a

group. As a cyclist who spends his winter months in the UK either cycling indoors or risking live and limb on the hostile environment of the British roads I really look forward to this moment. Sadly the UK can be quite unforgiving when it comes to road cyclists. Admittedly there are still those amongst us that need to brush up on their road etiquette. There are also the pot-holes to avoid and narrow, busy roads that create both angry motorists and nervous cyclists.

Now France, on the other hand, is a horse of a completely different colour. Drivers, on the whole, and particularly in rural areas, are generally more considerate and pass by allowing plenty of room between you and the car. Normandy is even more forgiving and the lack of anything remotely resembling heavy traffic is a joy. On Sundays, there is even a ban on lorries! The roads themselves are wide and smooth in complete contrast to what we have to negotiate in the UK and I can honestly say that none of our groups has ever come close to a pot-hole incident. Cycling in ‘La Manche’ where we are based is closer to meditation than anything else and road riders can indulge themselves to the fullest degree.

There are some great places to stay ‘en route’ with something that suits everybody from the busy towns of Bayeux, Granville and St.Malo to the more sedate chateaux of ‘la Campagne’. A weekend (or preferably longer) cycle in this region produces some wonderful memories.

So our advice is, get ready to put a few miles under your belt and come and discover for yourself.


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